Cacao and Environmental Sustainability

At Abejitas we only source from organic suppliers that go beyond what the certifications required. Most of the time certifications only tell one tiny sliver of the sustainability story which is almost always complicated and subjective. 

When comparing how sustainable certain food products are, the type of crop that is grown plays a big role in that determination. For instance, when farmers choose to grow palm, cattle or soy it has a much greater impact on the environment than growing cacao. 

In terms of sustainability cacao really shines strongly because the heavy pruning required creates a deep layer of organic material that can help retain soil and moisture. 

Moreover, its a great permaculture plant that can be grown with other trees such as cashews. This is by far one of its biggest environmental sustainability components as it can help stop rainforest loss.  

At Abejitas, we love diving deep into these issues and searching for interesting projects that go beyond organic practices and support the ecosystem in deeper ways. Its why we have chosen Zorzal organic cacao that protects over 1000 acres of land and Beeseasonal Organic raw honey that goes beyond organic with much more stringent standards and sustainable beekeeping practices; you can find more about these suppliers on our blog.  

For us, choosing suppliers like this is easy because what our planet needs. And for those with a a strong sense tastes it creates a flavor like no others on the market. 

Pick up some Abejitas raw honey chocolate bites and see what it's all about!

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