• Why Zorzal Organic Cacao

  • Cacao and Environmental Sustainability

    When comparing how sustainable certain food products are, the type of crop that is grown is a big part of determining that. For instance, when farmers chooses to grow palm, cattle or soy it has a much greater impact on the environment than growing cacao.

    In terms of sustainability cacao really shines strongly because the heavy pruning required creates a deep layer of organic material that can help retain soil and moisture.
  • Raw Honey for the Mind Body and Soul

    Honey has been known for its strong healing properties.... Lower on the glycemic scale and contains less glucose and fructose than sugar...packed with other nutrients such as pollen, amino acids, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidant as well as phytonutrients which are known for its antioxidant effect and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects
  • Cacao Enhances Heart, mind and Soul Health

    What makes cacao great for you? It's a combination of many things, which, in my opinion, have a and synergistic effect on the mind, body, and soul.

    Theobromine, Flavonoids, Tryptophan, Phenylethylamine (PEA) and Anandamide all help offering extreme healing, calming and blissful effects on the mind-body and soul.